Living Oxford

“The Vision of Living Oxford is of a region where innovative ideas, active people and communities, and aligned stakeholders come together to co-create a better Oxfordshire.

Our region has challenging environmental, transportation, social and housing problems, but also the capacity and capability to develop, test and deploy the technologies that can help address them.

Our aim is to build a resilient, safer, healthier, economically and environmentally sustainable region, to help its people to identify and be part of community solutions, to provide a testbed for world class researchers and innovators, to advance economic & social prosperity, and to help improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of public services.”

A Living-Lab is a real test bed and an experimentation environment where users and producers can co-create innovations. Its main objective is to create new products, services and appropriate infrastructure to the real needs of society.

These processes involve both public and private groups. Scenarios offered are the spaces where technological prototypes are developed and tested for improving citizen welfare and which will have a real and proven effectiveness.

The European Commission characterises Living-Labs as Public-Private-People Alliance (PPP) for user-driven open innovation.

Living-Labs are based on four main activities:

Co-creation: users and producers co-design.
Exploration: discovering of emerging usages, behaviours and market opportunities.
Experimentation: implementing “live” scenarios within user communities.
Evaluation: evaluation of concepts, products and services according to socio-ergonomic, socio-cognitive and socio-economic criteria.

What are we working on?


The Living Oxford  programmes consist of a number of organisations who will work on several projects within the same environment. This theme looks at how we can share data and derive the insight that we require.

Future of Mobility

The Future of Mobility Task Force is our first Task Force, Launched in March 2021. Living Oxfordshire and our founding members have a keen interest, innovations, research and development into the fields of mobility, accessibility, connectivity, electrification and shared space of movement of people and goods.

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