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New international partnership puts communities and smart grids at the heart of net zero

First introduced at COP26, the International Community for Local Smart Grids (ICLSG) will undertake ground-breaking research that will be informed by the learnings and expertise of the partners.

New cross-sector sustainable energy transition hub opens with energy crisis forum

On Thursday 26 May Oxford University’s brand new £3.25m Zero-carbon Energy Research Oxford (ZERO) Institute and Energy Systems Accelerator pilot (Mini-TESA) opened their doors to showcase the range and depth of ambition in Oxford to drive forward the energy systems transition for the UK and globally.

Interview with Benjamin Mousseau, CTO and Co-founder at Urbanomy

EDF and Urbanomy have been engaging with Oxfordshire since 2017. I have been driving this relationship first through innovation projects with my previous R&D team, like Vehicle to Grid Oxford (V2GO), Local Energy Oxfordshire (LEO)...